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This platform for NEET Aspirant who is interested in the field of BAMS, BHMS, BUMS. We are providing college full information, Student reviews, Cut-offs, Counselling updates, seat matrix, fees structure, college Review, everything you need to know to succeed in your Medical Journey.

Dirayushupneet is India’s leading educational platform, offering comprehensive medical counselling and trusted information for students pursuing BAMS, MBBS, BHMS, or BUMS programs. We simplify the admissions process, making it easy for aspiring medical professionals. Students trust us for guidance throughout their counselling journey. We empower them to envision a successful medical career. Being a student-medical-dream-friendly platform, with accurate information, and a dedicated team, we’ve become a trusted resource for over a thousand students nationwide. Discover NEET cut-offs, college reviews, ratings, and immersive college tours, making us India’s go-to resource for aspiring medical students. Trust us, we guide you toward a successful medical career. 

Though we are not the official website of Ayush counselling, we are dedicated to providing you with trustable information.

If you love to explore the official site, here is the link to the Government’s Official Website for the Ayush Admissions Central Counseling Committee (AACCC)

India’s Go-To Resource for Medical Education

Dirayushupneet has established itself as a credible and user-friendly centre for all aspects of medical education in India. Our determined commitment to reliability and its student-centric approach has made it a trusted name among students, parents, and educational institutions. We keep students updated with the latest news, results, and events related to medical entrance exams like NEET. We also assist in cut-offs, college selection, choice filling, etc., ensuring a smooth process. This way, you will never miss an important date. Moreover, we assist you enter your desired medical college with detailed medical counselling.

Our Success Story

We at Dirayushupneet recognize the challenges medical aspirants face during the intricate medical admission process. Meet Nikhil Sachan, the visionary founder and director of our company. With a mission to create a 1000-crore EdTech empire, Nikhil is dedicated to empowering students from middle-class backgrounds.

As the founder of Careerkick and Ntechzy, Nikhil is a rising entrepreneur, mentor, influencer, and career coach in education. Since 2017, he has counselled over 10 lac students and facilitated 1 lac college allotments through our services. And now, we are proud to have 1000+ college associates who trust our expertise.

With time, we have created many benchmarks. Our association with the leading medical institutes in India, thousands of medical students getting their dream admission into medical college, and wide users in India prove our success. Among the top medical colleges, we lead in terms of our successful collaborations. Medical students who have walked with us have now enrolled in the medical college of their choice. Through continuous innovation and a dedicated team of experts, we have created success stories that inspire the next generation of medical professionals.

Our Dedicated Services to Every Medical Aspirant

At the heart of Dirayushupneet lies our comprehensive suite of medical counselling services. We tailor to meet the diverse needs of students pursuing BAMS, MBBS, BHMS, and BUMS courses. Our offerings include:

  1. Career Counselling: Our career counselling service involves in-depth discussions and assessments to understand your interests, strengths, and career goals within the medical field. Through personalised sessions, we help you explore various medical specialties, career paths, and opportunities. We make medical college selection, and choosing a course easy for you.
  2. College Selection: Choosing the right college is crucial for academic and professional growth. Our college selection service involves thorough research and analysis of different medical colleges based on reputation, faculty expertise, infrastructure, facilities, and placement opportunities. We assist you in identifying colleges that align with your preferences, ensuring a conducive learning environment for your medical education.
  3. Choice Filling: During the admission process, making informed choices can significantly impact your academic journey. Our choice-filling service is designed to simplify this process by providing detailed information about available courses, colleges, and specialisations. We guide you through the decision-making process, helping you prioritise and select the most suitable options that match your academic goals and aspirations.

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Know Our Team

Behind the scenes, a hardworking crew of teachers, experts, and other professionals navigate through their energy to make quality materials for Dirayushupneet that are fair and impartial. The website has an efficient process where everything must be well-researched and must be verifiable, students will get only legitimate articles that are current.

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Dirayushupneet also offers a unique opportunity for colleges and institutes to get featured on the platform. Through the “Add My Institution” feature, educational institutions can showcase their profiles, courses, facilities, and admission processes to a vast audience of potential students. This feature not only increases visibility but also serves as a valuable resource for students seeking information on medical colleges and programs.

To get featured, institutions need to provide the following information:

  1. Institution details: Brief overview, courses offered, facilities, infrastructure, fee structure, admission process, and eligibility criteria.
  2. High-quality photographs of the institution.
  3. Complete contact details, including physical address, website URL, phone numbers, and email addresses.

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Embark on your journey towards a rewarding medical career with Dirayushupneet as your trusted companion. Explore the platform’s extensive resources, stay updated on the latest developments in medical counselling and NEET counselling 2024, and unlock a world of opportunities in the field of medicine. Visit Dirayushupneet today and take the first step towards achieving your dreams.