Best BAMS College in Pilibhit in 2024 

Is the Ayurvedic knowledge older something that draws you? Do you get excited about the classic values of health care with the new technology? Thereby, you are in search of a better college. If it is so, then remember that starting your education in BAMS could well be the most excellent way of fostering your future career in healthcare. In this article, we will explore a brief about BAMS and the best college for BAMS in Pilibhit.

A Brief Talk about BAMS – Admissions, Eligibility & Related Details

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) is a prestigious 5-year course blending ancient Ayurvedic principles with modern medical science. To join this transformative journey, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Educational Qualifications: 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English, with a minimum of 50% marks.
  2. Age Limits: 17 to 25 years at the time of admission.
  3. Entrance Exams: NEET is mandatory, ensuring quality standards and competency.

The Best BAMS Ayurvedic College in Pilibhit  in 2024

Lalit Hari State Ayurved College & Hospital, Pilibhit

Lalit Hari State Post Graduate Ayurvedic College, which is located in Pilibhit and has a long tradition since its foundation in the year 1899, has a great historical background. In the very beginning, the college was an institute that taught Sanskrit as well as Ayurveda and the liberality of Late Sahu Lalita Prasad added land to it, Late Sahu Hari Prasad donated too. In the course of fulfilling its mission, it has emerged as the most sought-after and hallowed Ayurvedic institution in the country and the state. At the beginning of its history, in 1939, it was switched the name of the institute to Ayurveda College, and eventually, the central government considered taking over its management in the 50th.

Jay Lalit Senior State Post Graduate Ayurvedic College

It became a name synonymous with excellence in the field of education since its inception. The college started with a three years Baachrawat Vaidya Shastri Course later as follows, it inaugurated two years Vaidya Raj course. The name of the degree underwent one degree of change from CIM to IMS, and finally to AMBS before it became the BAMA in the present day. In 1971 the institute was affiliated with the University of Kanpur. Later in 1974, it was annexed to the Government of Uttar Pradesh, renamed and established as Government College on October 10, 1974. During all it history, college has been unwavering in its commitment to teach the best to the students who come from all regions of the country.

The area of the college, which is Pilibhit, is surrounded by these forests where the chalangi (Shorea robusta) type ground vegetation is found. With many species being unique, these forests offer a huge basket of species diversity, which researcher spaces in the plant and plant-based medicine fields have plenty to look out for Raising this potential, the college started in 1986 a postgraduate degree course for Dravyaguna (Pharmaceutics). Since the program was launched, the number of MD (Ayu) participants in business has drastically risen to more than 100 graduates and in fact, the postgraduates are all over the nation. This focus additionally on research and legitimate application also comes with the college as the center of excellence in Ayurvedic teaching.

All infrastructure facilities of Lalit Harikisore State Post Graduate Ayurvedic College are meant to aid the easy learning of students. The campus is furnished with a fully equipped library, a herbal garden, neat and clean hostels, and a system of effective learning programs to cater for students. Moreover, the College has a distinguished faculty i.e. members of efficient personnel comprising appropriate non-technical staff. The composite resources of these resources emerge the fact that students are not left behind as far as the latest technology is concerned as well as a self-learning environment. If you are an employee of a college, you have the honor and duty of serving and maintaining the integrity of the educational institute.

Name of InstituteLalit Hari State Ayurved College & Hospital, Pilibhit
Year of Establishment1899
Institute TypeGovernment
NIRK Ranking27
Eligibility ExamNEET
Seat Intake63 (UG) ; 6(PG)
Affiliated toChhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University Kanpur
Approved byCentral Council of Indian Medicines
Courses offeredBAMS, MD (Ayurveda)
Hostel FacilitiesYes
Faculty Count19
FeeRs. 19,000
Official Website

Note: The figure mentioned above may fluctuate from the actual, also subject to changes. For the updated fee structure and counselling services, candidates are invited to contact the Admission Consultant at the helpline.7393062116


As you step on the Ayurvedic pathways of Pilibhit, know that it is more than just an educational journey; it is a discovery of yourself; of your true healing abilities, and your role in this world. May Pilibhit be your map of discovery in the diversifying world of Ayurveda where every step is a symbol of your continuous journey and enthusiasm!

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