Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form

Documents Required For NEET 2024 Application Form are necessary during NEET registration as per NTA guidelines. For NEET 2024 application form filling, here are the documents required, their format, size, and uploading procedures.

Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form: The NEET 2024 Application Form has started today, February 9, 2024. The NTA has released the NEET UG 2024 Application Form on its official website, The last date for NEET UG Registration 2024 is March 9, 2024. With the NEET exam quickly approaching on May 5, 2024, students are requested to prepare the documents required for the NEET 2024 Application Form.

The list of required documents for NEET 2024 is mentioned in the NEET 2024 information bulletin released by NTA.  Before looking into the list of required documents, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the NEET 2024 application process. Candidates must register and set up account details, including a password and application number.

Candidates will then fill out the NEET 2024 application form. Uploading the documents required for NEET 2024 Application Form is an essential step that many applicants struggle with, either because the documents are missing or because of format and size concerns.  

Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form

Documents Required For NEET 2024 Application Form: Candidates must save a digital copy of all necessary paperwork to guarantee a seamless NEET Registration 2024. The soft copies need to be the right size so that all documents can be uploaded to the portal in one easy step. 

The following is a list of documents required for the NEET 2024 application form: 

  1. Candidate’s Signature 
  2. Candidate’s Left and Right Thumb Impressions
  3. Photograph in Postcard Size
  4. Photograph in Passport Size
  5. Certificate of Passing Class 10th
  6. Certificate of Passing Class 12th
  7. Marksheet of Class 10th
  8. Marksheet of Class 12th
  9. Certificate of Citizenship
  10. Certificate of Category
  11. Certificate for Persons with Benchmark Disability (PwBD)
  12. Valid ID Proof authorised by the Central Government (such as Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and Driver’s Licence)

List of Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form with Size and Specifications

Whether you are a dropper or fresher, the NEET 2024 registration process requires specific documents, including the candidate’s photograph, signature, Class 10th Passing Certificate, and left-hand thumb impression. During the NEET registration, certain specifications regarding dimensions and document types (such as PDF, JPG, etc.) must be adhered to for the document uploads.

The guidelines below should be followed by applicants, who should have all these documents easily accessible to speed up this process. NEET application form 2024 is released on its official website

Preparing these materials in advance will help you conserve a significant amount of time during the most intense exam preparation period, which occurs in March 2024. The document specifications for the NEET 2024 registration process are summarized in the following table:

List of Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form
DocumentSpecificationsSize and Format
Passport PhotoThe latest photo with a white background80% face visibility, ears visible10 kb to 200 kb, JPG format
Postcard PhotoPhoto taken before/on 21st Sept 2023Clear face visibility with ears on a white background10 kb to 200 kb, 4’’x6’’
SignatureSign with black pen on a white backgroundAvoid capital letters in the signature4 kb to 30 kb, JPG format
Class 10th Pass CertificateScanned copy50 kb to 300 kb
Left-Hand Thumb ImpressionUse right hand if necessaryBlue ink on white paper10 kb to 200 kb
Certificate of CitizenshipProof in PDF format provided by the Embassy50 kb to 300 kb
PWD CertificateCertificate from the provided list in brochure, PDF format50 kb to 300 kb
Category CertificateSC/ST/OBC/EWS category50 kb to 300 kb
Address ProofMerge both documents (present and permanent) into a single PDFSame document if present and permanent addresses are the same

Guidelines for Uploading Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form

The NTA has detailed guidelines for the submission of signature, photograph, and thumb impression for the Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form, which the candidates must strictly follow. It is mandatory to adhere to these regulations and the specified document file size and format.

NEET UG 2024 Application Form Photograph Upload Guidelines

Candidates must adhere to document file format, size specifications, and the NTA’s guidelines for uploading signatures, photos, and thumb impressions. The guidelines for photographs are as follows:

  1. The photograph should not be older than three months.
  2. The photograph should be either in colour or black and white, with 80 percent of the face (without a mask) visible, including ears, against a white background.
  3. The scanned passport photograph should be sized between 10 KB to 200 KB (clearly legible).
  4. The scanned Postcard photograph (4” x 6”) should have a size between 10 KB to 200 KB (clearly legible).
  5. The acceptable file formats are JPG or JPEG.

NEET UG 2024 Application Form Signature Upload Guidelines

The instructions for uploading signatures on the NEET 2024 application form include the following:

  1. The signature file format should be in JPG format.
  2. The scanned signature must have a size ranging from 4 KB to 30 KB.
  3. Signatures should be in running letters, not full capital letters.
  4. The signature should be created with a black ballpoint pen on white paper.
  5. Uploading someone else’s signature will result in the cancellation of candidature, as it constitutes an Unfair Means Case, potentially leading to criminal action per the law.

NEET UG 2024 Application Form Thumb Impression Upload Guidelines

The instructions for uploading the left-hand thumb impression are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the thumb impression image is easily readable.
  2. Applicants must submit left and right-hand fingers and thumb impressions per the provided template.
  3. The file size should fall within the specified range of 10 KB to 200 KB.
  4. Unclear thumb impressions of both right and left hands in online application forms will be promptly rejected.

How to Resize Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application Form PDF?

The following methods are listed below to Resize Documents Required for NEET 2024 Application form PDF. These tools are free and simple to use.

Use Online PDF Resizing Tools

  • Search for online PDF resizing tools. Many websites offer free services to resize PDFs.
  • Upload the PDF document you need to resize to the chosen online tool.
  • Follow the instructions on the website to adjust the dimensions or file size as per NEET 2024 requirements.
  • Download the resized PDF file to your device.

Use PDF Editing Software

  • If you have PDF editing software installed on your computer, open the PDF document using that software.
  • Navigate to the ‘Resize’ or ‘Scale’ option within the software.
  • Adjust the dimensions or file size as needed, ensuring compliance with NEET 2024 specifications.
  • Save the document with the changes.

Convert to Image and Resize

  • Convert the PDF document to an image file using online converters or software.
  • Resize the image using image editing tools or online platforms.
  • Once resized, convert the image back to PDF format.

Utilise Built-in Features (if available)

  • Some devices or applications may have built-in features for resizing PDFs. Explore these options in your device or application settings.
  • Follow the methods to resize the PDF document while maintaining the required specifications for NEET 2024.

Note: Students are suggested to adhere to the guidelines given by NTA for the size of Images/Documents Required for NEET UG 2024 Application Form

Proof of Citizenship Documents Required for NEET UG 2024 Application Form

Candidates who fall under the categories of Non-Resident Indian (NRI), Foreign Citizen, or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) are required to upload the following documents as a mandatory step:

Citizenship Certificate: A Citizenship Certificate issued by the official authority of the candidate’s Country of Nationality. This document must clearly state the Citizenship/Nationality of the student, Validity Period, date of issue, Issuing Authority, and place of issue.

Scanned Copy of Passport: A scanned copy of the passport’s first and last pages should include details such as citizenship, date of issue, nationality of the candidate, validity period, issuing authority of the passport, and place of issue.

Other Government-Issued Documents: Any other Document issued by a Government Authority under the Candidate’s Country of Nationality. This may include an OCI Card, ideally issued by the concerned Indian Diplomatic Mission or by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for OCI students only. The document should include details such as the Citizenship/Nationality of the student, validity period, date of issue, place of issue, and Issuing Authority of the Document.

Category Certificates Needed for NEET 2024 Application Form

Candidates falling within the reserved or specific categories must upload the relevant category certificate. The list of applicable certificates is outlined below:

  1. GEN-EWS certificate, issued on or after April 1, 2023, by the latest guidelines of the Government of India.
  2. OBC-NCL certificate, issued on or after April 1, 2023, by the latest guidelines of the Government of India.
  3. Caste certificate (for SC) or Tribe certificate (for ST), in line with the latest guidelines of the Government of India. If any SC/ST candidate fails to upload the SC/ST certificate during online registration.
  4. PwBD certificate, indicating the candidate’s percentage of disability.

If candidates lack the required certificate issued on or after the mentioned date, they must download and complete the Declaration by Candidates form in place of the category certificate from the NEET 2024 information brochure.

Steps to Fill the NEET 2024 Application Form?

For aspiring medical students preparing to take the NEET 2024 Exam, it is essential to follow the steps outlined below to fill out the NEET application form for 2024 successfully.

Step 1 – NEET 2024 Registration: To initiate the NEET 2024 registration process, visit the official NTA NEET website, click the application form link, and select the ‘New Registration’ option. Provide a valid email address and a verified phone number during account creation.

Step 2: Filling in the NEET 2024 Application Form: After completing the initial registration and creating login credentials, medical aspirants should click the “Complete Application Form” tab to proceed. Carefully fill in the registration details.

Step 3: Document Upload: Exercise caution when uploading the required documents for the NEET application form after providing registration details. It is crucial to upload scanned copies of the original documents.

Step 4: NEET 2024 Application Fee Payment: Candidates must pay the required NEET 2024 application fee after completing and submitting the application. Payment can only be made online using a debit card, credit card, UPI, or net banking. The application fees vary for different categories:

  • General: INR 1,700
  • General/EWS/OBC-NCL: INR 1,600
  • SC/ST/PwD: INR 1,000
  • Foreign Nationals: INR 9,500

Step 5: Printing the NEET 2024 Application Form: A confirmation window will appear after confirming and paying the NEET 2024 application fee. Download the confirmation page in PDF format and print at least two copies. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.

If you need our help in step-by-step form filling, fill the form for free guidance.

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