Best BAMS Colleges in Azamgarh in 2024

In today’s world, everyone is looking for holistic and natural ways to stay healthy. That’s why pursuing Ayurveda is going to be epic for your Career.  BAMS course is like an ancient treasure trove of wellness and healing and pursuing this degree is going to be super relevant today. Unlike the Allopathic degree, Ayurveda is not just about curing diseases, it’s more about preventing them by understanding your body type (they call it ‘dosha’) and living a lifestyle that keeps everything in check. It goes beyond just what you eat or how you exercise. It’s about your entire well-being—mental, physical, and spiritual.

Knowing where to pursue this BAMS degree is like half the battle, isn’t it? Well, guess what, if you’re looking to get into the authentic vibe of Ayurveda practices, Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh is the right place where Ayurveda isn’t just a practice; it’s a way of life. Here, you’ll not only get the teachings but you will feel the essence of Ayurveda in its purest form. Now in this article, we will look into the premier Ayurvedic institute in Azamgarh.

The Best Ayurvedic College in Azamgarh in 2024 (An Overview)

Institution nameType of InstitutionOfficial websiteFee structureTotal seatsRatings
Rk Ayurvedic Medical CollegePrivate 2,30,800603.8
Shivalik Ayurvedic Medical CollegePrivate 2,55,800604.4
Baba Vishwanath Ayurvedic Medical CollegePrivate 2,04,600603.0
Sarvdev Ayurvedic Medical College and Maha Mrityunjay Hospital Private 2,04,600604.3
S.K. Mishra Anita Ayurvedic Medical CollegePrivate 2,04,600603.8

Note: The figure mentioned above may fluctuate from the actual, also subject to changes. For the updated fee structure and counselling services, candidates are invited to contact the BAMS counsellor at the helpline.7393062116

Best Ayurvedic College in Azamgarh in 2024

1. R. k  Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Azamgarh, UP

The R. K. Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital was started in the year 2016 by Dr. Prem Prakash Yadav when he decided to kick off with something initially called “R.K. Ayurvedic Hospital”. And guess what? It’s all under the wing of this group named “Society of Krishak Mahavidyalay Samiti”.  When the management decided to level up the hospital, they launched an Ayurvedic College named “R. k  Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital ”. This college isn’t about teaching, they aim to provide good infrastructure facilities for research in the world of traditional medicines. The college’s objective is to spread the goodness of Ayurvedic medicines and to nurture budding Ayurvedic practitioners with quality education.

This college has approval from the Central Council of Indian Medicine in New Delhi and is affiliated with Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University. And guess what more? This college is not just about books and lectures, they have a fully operational hospital and 14 academic departments and each department is stacked with well-qualified and efficient doctors and clinicians. And to our surprise, every department has its laboratory and Museum separately. To get into this college, you must qualify for your NEET-UG and you should also participate in Uttar Pradesh Ayush State counselling.

2. Shivalik Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

This college is located in Bijarawa, Bankat, which is pretty close to Azamgarh. Shivalik Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital is actually the first Ayurvedic college and Hospital in the whole Azamgarh commissionery. The Shivalik Seva Trust started this college back in April 2012. This college is recognized by big boards like CCIM in New Delhi and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This college has a huge medicinal garden that spreads over with around 342 medicinal plants.

The faculty here is super dedicated and has tons of experience in Ayurveda, who are aiming to serve society through traditional healthcare. Additionally, this college recently built a sophisticated hospital with 60 beds equipped for all sorts of Ayurvedic treatments including Panchkarma. They’re all about promoting sustainable healthcare and using Ayurveda to do it. What’s even cooler is that this place is also a teaching hospital for students at the college. Their mission is to create well-trained professionals keen on using Ayurveda for the well-being of people.

3. Baba Vishwanath Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital

This college is quite impressive in how they all give their students a well-rounded education. This college has faculties from some of the top Ayurvedic Colleges, like Banaras Hindu University and the National Institute of Ayurveda which guarantees that students pursuing their Ayurveda are learning from the best hands. The way their curriculum is designed to match what the current Ayurveda industry needs nowadays is super cool because it means you’re basically ready to jump into a job as soon as you graduate. And, here in this college, it’s not just about textbook learning; they’re strongly emphasizing the importance of hands-on skills, too! This college has 14 departments, each with its labs, museums, and libraries all decked out with the latest technology and Wi-Fi.

Another important advantage of this college library is, it has tons of medical journals and books, both on Ayurveda and modern medicine, and a huge space for studying or just chilling with a book. If you’re worried about living arrangements, they’ve got both boys’ and girls’ hostels right on campus with mess facilities that feel just like home. This college also encourages students to get involved in all sorts of sports and extracurricular activities, with plenty of rewards for those who do well. The main vision of this college is to keep those traditional Ayurveda values alive while making sure you’re ready to meet the nation’s healthcare needs.

4. Sarvdev Ayurvedic Medical College and Maha Mrityunjay Hospital

Sarvdev Ayurvedic Medical College and Maha Mrityunjay Hospital is affiliated with Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University. Maha Mrityunjay Hospital isn’t just any hospital; it’s like the pioneer of Ayurveda worldwide. Here the hospital offers treatments on every ailment which are affordable too. They are successfully running Outpatient departments across various boards right from Kayachikitsa, Kaumarbhritya, Panchkarma, Prasuti & Stri Roga, Shalakya tantra, Shalya tantra to Swasthavritta, and even Physiotherapy.

The Hospital prides itself in providing well-equipped, hygienically maintained panchkarma therapy rooms to suit the need and affordability of one and all. The mission of Maha Mrityunjay Ayurvedic Hospital is to be the gold standard in Ayurvedic care globally and also the college’s vision is to shape the next generation of healthcare professionals by providing quality education. The college is on a mission to serve up world-class education and healthcare. They’re all about unlocking the potential in their students with a blend of solid theory, hands-on skills, and some out-of-the-box thinking.

5. S.K. Mishra Anita Ayurvedic Medical College

The S.K. Mishra Anita Ayurvedic Medical College in Tajpur, Gadha, Lalganj Azamgarh is started a various Undergraduate Course including Ayurveda by Maa Vindhyavasini Sumitra Devi Educational Trust. They’ve gone all out and developed this stunning herbal garden right on campus, packed with all sorts of valuable medicinal plants. Their Panchakarma therapies like Vaman, Virechan, Vasti (Anuvasan sand Asthapan), Nasya, Raktamokshan, Kati Vasti, Janu Vasti, Nadi Sweda, Shirodhara, Shiro Vasti, Sastik Shali Pinda Sweda, Valuka Sweda, Sarvangadhara etc. are attracting the attention of intellectuals in which Raktamokshan (Bloodletting treatment) by Multiple Vacuum Syringe Procedure is one of their novelties. Khar-Sutra Therapy, Angikarma, Jalauka-Avacharan, Therapy, and physiotherapy are being applied regularly to the proper patients which bring immense miraculous results.

The departments of Kayachikitsa, Shalya, Stri Prasuti, and Bal-Rog are doing some fantastic multi-dimensional work treating patients. S. K. Mishra Anita Ayurvedic Medical College consists of experienced faculty members who give top-notch education through courses. The college has built this awesome environment that’s not just about focused on grooming book-smarts students but also about growing on a personal level. This college also established various committees consisting of Administrative, teaching, sports activities, and other grievances to make sure everyone’s treated right. 


These are the best Ayurvedic colleges in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. We hope this article provided all the necessary information about Azamgarh, if you want to know more information about various Ayurvedic colleges, stay tuned to this page.

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