CCIM Approved UP AYUSH Colleges List 2022

Hello, students here you get the complete and updated list of AYUSH (AYURVEDIC HOMEOPATHIC UNANI) Colleges in the academic session (2020-21), Approved by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, New Delhi.

S.No.Name Of CollegeCourse SelectionSeatsCollege TypeDistrictFees
1State Ayurvedic College & Hospital, LucknowBAMS75GovernmentLucknowGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
2State Ayurvedic College & Hospital, VaranashiBAMS75GovernmentVaranashiGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
3Bundelkhand Rajkiya Ayurvedic College & HospitalBAMS50GovernmentJhanshiGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
4Lal Bahadur Sastri Rajkiya Ayurvedic CollegeBAMS75GovernmentPrayagrajGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
5SRM Rakiya Ayurvedic College & HospitalBAMS75GovernmentBareiliGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
6State Ayurvedic College  & Hospital,  Artara BAMS75GovernmentBandaGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
7Swami kalyan Dev Rajkiya Ayurvedi College & Hospital BAMS75GovernmentMuzaffarnagarGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
8State Ayurvedic College  & Hospital, Pilibhit BAMS63GovernmentPilibhitGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
9State National Homeopathic Medical College BHMS125GovernmentLucknowGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
10State Lal Bahadur Sastri  Homeopathic Govt. Medical College BHMS125GovernmentPrayagrajGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
11Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Rajkiya Medical College BHMS125GovernmentKanpurGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
12State KGK Homeopathic Medical College BHMS125GovernmentMuradabadGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
13State Ghazipur Homeopathic Mediical College BHMS63GovernmentGhazipurGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
14Dr. Brij Kishori Homepathic Medical College BHMS38GovernmentAyodhya GEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
15Rajkiya Shree Durgaji Homeopathic Medical College BHMS125GovernmentAzamgarhGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
16State Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Barhalganj BHMS125GovernmentGorakhpur GEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
17Government Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, ChheratBHMS125GovernmentAligarhGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
18Takmil Ut Tib Government College BUMS75GovernmentLucknowGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
19Government Unani Medical College BUMS75GovernmentPrayagrajGEN Rs. 19,000/- Others Rs. 14,000/-
20SPCM Ayurvedic Medical College, HamirpurBAMS30Private GondaRs. 2,32,10/-
21Jeevan Jyoti Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital BAMS60Private Aligarh Rs. 2,54,200/-
22Major SD Singh Ayurvedic Medical College BAMS60Private Farrukhabad Rs. 2,59,200/-
23Chandrashekhar Singh Ayurvedic Sansthan BAMS60Private KaushambiRs. 2,59,000/- 
24SAS Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital BAMS60Private VaranashiRs. 2,55,500/-
25Ankerite  Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital BAMS100Private LucknowRs. 2,53,900/-
26Shree Babu Singh Daddu Ji Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital BAMS60Private Farrukhabad Rs. 2,52,900/-
27GS Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital BAMS100Private HapurRs. 2,59,700/-
28Shri Krishna Ayurvedic College & Hospital BAMS60Private VaranashiRs. 2,69,800/-
29Vivek College of Ayurved Since & Hospital BAMS60Private BijnorRs. 2,50,00/-
30Gangasheel Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital  BAMS100Private BareiliRs. 2,70,600/-
31Sham-E-Ghausia Minority Ayurvedic Medical CollegeBAMS60Private GazipurRs. 3,00,00/-
32Vaidya Yagya Dutt Sharma Auyurvedic Medical College BAMS100Private BulandshahrRs.  2,59,100/-
33Kunwar Shekhar  Vijendra Ayurvedic Medical College & HospitalBAMS54Private SaharanpurRs. 2,52,100/-
34Kalawati Ayurvedic Medical College & Research Center BAMS60Private KasganjRs. 2,35,700/-
35Jivak Ayurved Medical College & Hospital, Research Center BAMS54Private ChandauliRs. 2,60,600/-
36Shri Ramchandra Vaidya Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital BAMS30Private LucknowRs. 2,58,700/-
37SRS Ayurvedic Medical College  BAMS30Private AgraRs. 2,04,600/- 
38Apex Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine & HospitalBAMS100Private Mirzapur  Rs. 2,30600/-
39Sardar Patel Institute of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences & Research Centre BAMS100Private LucknowRs. 2,55,700/-
40Bapu Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital BAMS100Private MauRs. 2,25,00/-
41Bakson Homeopathic Medical CollegeBHMS100Private NoidaRs. 2,25,000/-
42Jamia Tibbiya Deoband Unani, Medical College BUMS60Private SaharanpurRs. 2,04,00/-
43Deoband Unani Medical College BUMS60Private SaharanpurRs. 2,04,00/-
44IBN-E-SINA TIBBIAY COLLEGE & HOSPITAL BUMS50Private AzamgarhRs. 2,00,00/-
45Eram Unani Medical College & HospitalBUMS60Private LucknowRs. 2,64,00/-
46Hakim Rais Unani Medical College BUMS50Private MuradabadRs. 2,04,00/-
47Sham-E-Ghausia Minority Ayurvedic & Unani Medical CollegeBUMS40Private GazipurRs. 1,98,00/-
48Ghausia Unani Medical CollegeBUMS60Private FatehpurRs. 2,04,000/- 
49Sanskrit Unani Medical College & Hospital BUMS60Private Mathura Rs. 2,04,600/- 
50Dr. Abdul Ali Tibbia College & HospitalBUMS50Private LucknowRs. 2,00,00/-
51Hayat Unani Medica College & Research Center BUMS60Private LucknowRs. 2,04,600/-

In order of Hon’ble High Court, the list of colleges permitted for AYUSH counseling for admission in the year 2020-21

S.No.Name Of CollegeCourse SelectionSeatsCollege TypeDistrictFees
1Mahaveer Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital  BAMS100PrivateMeerutRs. 2,04,600/-
2SKS Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital  BAMS100PrivateMathuraRs. 2,48,900/-
3Shri Dhanwantri Ayurvedic Medical College BAMS100PrivateMathuraRs. 2,54,200/-
4Bharat Ayurved Medical College & Hospital BAMS100PrivateMuzzaffarnagarRs. 2,25,00/-
5Shivalik Ayurvedic Medical College BAMS100PrivateAzamgarh Rs. 2,55,800/-
6Shri Satya Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital BAMS100PrivateMuradabadRs. 2,04,600/-
7Prem Raghu Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital BAMS100PrivateAgraRs. 2,38,900/-
8Prakash Institute of Ayurvedic Sciences BAMS60PrivateBulandshahrRs. 2,60,500/-
9WTM  Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital BAMS100PrivateFatehpurRs. 2,51,300/-
10Naiminath Homeopathic Medical College AgraBAMS100PrivateAgraRs. 2,00,00/-

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